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I forget who was saying this on the other Loki post going around, but basically, this entire situation was manufactured by Odin being a shitty parent (in this universe).  You raise a kid in a society with deep and old prejudices against a certain race, make that race out to be monsters in all your stories, go to war against them, and then he grows up and finds out he’s a member of that race?  The monster parents tell their children about at night?  How was that EVER going to be salvageable?  What sucks to see is that this totally could have worked out if Odin had done what MY adoptive parents did - told the truth from the beginning.

“You’re adopted.  You were never unwanted.  Your mother wanted to give you more than she was able to give.  And we’ve been hoping and praying for you for so long, and we’re so blessed to have you.  The day we first saw you was the happiest day of our lives.  We love you.”  I heard some version of that all my life and, while other shit certainly went wrong, I carry almost no adoption-related baggage (as I’ve mentioned in other posts, I still worry about my birth mother’s health sometimes).  Pair something like that with the King’s Proclamation that Asgaardians Shall No Longer Talk Shit About the Jotuns and who knows, Loki could have wound up relatively well-adjusted.  He might have had issues wanting to know about his own race and his culture, but he probably wouldn’t feel like THIS.

So, in this incarnation of his character, my heart breaks for him for very specific, sympathetic reasons.  Because I know on a personal level that it did not have to be this way.

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