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It’s a shame when people can’t recognize that somethings aren’t about them. Cultural appropriation is not about infringing on a white person’s ability to wear what they see fit. It is

  • Disrespecting a culture that is home to human beings
  • It is trivializing history
  • It is infringement upon another person’s identity

People put on prints and jewelry and not realize that they are playing dress up with other people’s lives. It does not make you innovative or special or smart. It makes you foolish, disrespectful, and an upholder of white hegemony. 

The pieces of another’s culture are not for us to wear when the fashion trend swings that way. It is not a means to earn money. 

Putting on a bindi or kente or a headdress does not signify that you are attempting to be connected to the respective cultures each of those items come from. It doesn’t inherently teach you something. It doesn’t make you a part of that identity either because a white person will never be subjected to the tacit and overt oppression that POC face.

What’s incredibly pathetic is that when some people are told that they are engaging in appropriative behavior, behavior that hurts others, that effects an entire group of people they ignorantly cling on to said behavior. They feel attacked and lash out like a smile child who has been scolded for doing something improper for doing something that is hurtful.

That type of reaction is beyond immature and ignorant. It’s violent. Who steps on someone (accidentally or intentionally), is told to stop causing pain, and then does it anyway.

How sick and deluded is that?

The funny thing is, I’ve never actually had someone directly confront me about it. Any person of color whatsoever. So it’s obviously just a small group of you guys that are all pissy about it. And I actually got these bindis from an Indian girl. :D

The line of thinking of the stament above is astounding.

So because hoards of people aren’t stay stop, cultural appropriation should continue.

Cultural appropriation isn’t some esoteric grumble or grief. It seems like few people speak out because daring to say hey this type of behavior is hurtful and oppressive is frowned upon. When people call out cultural appropriation their experiences and feelings are belittled. “Whats the big deal? It’s just clothes? There are worse things that go on.”

So some people choose to grin and bear it instead of being stigmatized as too emotional and/or high strung. 

It should take 50 people to get an individual to stop doing something wrong. One voice should be enough for a person to sit back and think about what they’re doing.

It’s one thing to do something unintentionally be appropriative and then decide to stop. It’s another thing to be unintentionally appropriative, get an attitude about being called out about  appropriative behavior, and then proceed to be even more appropriative as a means to provoke people.

It’s an idiotic and disgusting. 

I wonder why no one’s ever confronted you about it. Hmm. It’s not like white supremacy makes people feel uncomfortable with calling white people out on being racist cultural appropriators or anything! That’s why people call out cultural appropriators on Tumblr. Because people are sick of just dealing with it.

Buying bindis from an Indian woman isn’t the same as an Indian woman giving them to you and telling you it’s okay to wear them… duh.

Do you honestly believe that you’d be well-received in a place where this jewelry is worn traditionally?

This little fashion statement of yours is silly and contrived as shit. You look ridiculous. Isn’t that reason enough to stop engaging in cultural appropriation?

Um, no. I wear what I want, when I want. DEAL WITH IT.

You know whats so great about this person’s responses? They blatantly demonstrate what cultural appropriation is and what not to do when you are confronted.

This is a teachable moment for everyone. Through this foolishness, those with reading comprehension capabilities can learn, see what not to do, and maybe be bold enough to tell others that their behavior is disrespectful and damaging.

These responses also show that some people just have no decency. And no matter what you do they will continue to do things that harmful because they blatantly choose to do so.

Don’t be like this person. Don’t be the person that unapologetically harms and then continues to do so in the face of information and actions that counter their standpoint.

EVERY SINGLE POINT electricspectrum made 

she looks like a dumb bitch

Okay, so you get to wear what you want, when you want.

We get to call you out on your bullshit and spread the word that you’re a disrespectful piece of shit who thinks that their agency matters more than the concerns of other people.

An asshole, in short.



It’s particularly painful and ironic because the forms of dress and presentation that PoC can be harassed for wearing are just those that white people adopt as a sign of free-thinking counter-culture. That is, taking from cultures while those who belong to them are deprived of the right to fully participate.

Plus ça change…

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