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So I herd white peole are into appropriating scarification now

so i heard scarification is a way of SELF EXPRESSION and shouldn’t be misconstrued by people. 

uhhh actually it’s a way for (at least in part of Africa where its practised) tribes to show which tribe they come from and its a ‘coming of age’ thing.

it’s not really the form of self expression you’re thinking about.

you’re placing white western’s definition of scarification on a practice that has nothing to do with the original practice of scarification.

looks like you’re the one misconstruing what scarification is about

I may be misconstruing it but I also have come to terms with other cultures mixing and muddling up appropriate rules and regulations. 

I understand messing up age-old traditions is hurtful, especially if you are from the region. But that is no reason to fully attack another race for their ideals or the way they choose to change things around. If you do not agree with such ways of folks may it be white, latino, african american or what have you, I wouldn’t say turn a blind eye but just nod in their faces and reel in your own angst and hurt feelings in another way. 

Racism and Spite isn’t the right way of showing what’s what.  

Wait, what? You think people coming into other cultural spaces and stealing their culture is okay? You’ve come to terms with people DESTROYING other cultures?

Okay, imagine that a bunch of people came into your house and took all your shit. They took all the paintings down from your walls, your jewelry, your pottery, your books, your precious family heirlooms. They start wearing your jewelry and decorating their house with your stuff, even the family heirlooms.

Naturally, you’re pissed, so you ask for your stuff back. They say no, because your stuff is omg so inspiring and creative and original and it really looks nice in their house and on their body and refuse to recognize that they are thieves and are basically shitting on your entire family by playing dress-up with your family heirlooms.

That’s basically an approximation of what is happening here.

this ^

people need tounderstand that appropriation is basically like someone coming into your house, wearing your stuff and walking around town with it. when you ask them to stop, they refuse to becuase ‘you inspire them’. 

it doesnt matter how much someone likes your stuff, it’s still rude to wear it. get your own stuff to wear. 

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    ^This. I honestly don’t know a lot about any of this, and I should probably do some research on it, but doing something...
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    Okay ouch this entire thing hurt to read. I can say with conviction that these scarification are not done when someone...
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    reblogged for the beautiful artistic expression of our indigenous diaspora.
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    Got a point there stealing is what built the US
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